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Gu's Doodle Sessions

Hi! My name is Gu. You can find my art at IG and at my newsletter doodle dump. I like making art about the gift of connections and soft power.

I'm hosting doodle sessions sometimes with guest artists during the pandemic (and possibly beyond!).
The sessions are free but if you enjoy the programming please consider venmoing @gubean so I can pay guest artists and continue programming.

Please consider joining the Discord if you would like to share your art.

Tentative Schedule

Recurring 90 minute draw challenge Twitch

Dates TBD

Past events



Saturday Nov 21 5pm-6pm EST on Zoom

Saturday Nov 21 8pm-9pm EST on Hangouts

Saturday Nov 21 9:30pm-10pm on Twitch

Sunday Nov 22 2pm with Nicole Zhu on Zoom

Thursday Nov 26 3pm EST on Zoom

Thursday Nov 26 9pm EST

Saturday Nov 28 8pm EST with Lili Ana


Wednesday Dec 2 8pm EST with Marc Burnett

Thursday Dec 3 8pm EST with Bianca Ng

Saturday Dec 5: Intro to Procreate with Microsoft Reactor Meetup link

Tuesday Dec 8 at 8pm: 90 minute draw challenge with Marc: Twitch

Thursday Dec 10 at 8pm: Punch needle demo with Carolyn

Sunday Dec 13 at 5pm with Nikki and Reema

Sat Dec 19 8pm EST: Emoji Draw Show with Toni!

Tues Dec 22 8pm EST: Joy through Art with Emerald, Carson, Marc



Mon Jan 4 8pm EST: 90 minute draw challenge with Marco

Mon Jan 11 8pm EST: 90 minute draw challenge with Nikki